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Food cooking on a hot pan over a gas stove
Food cooking on a hot pan over a gas stove

LPG In Business

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LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and renewable BioLPG provide clean, low carbon energy to large and small businesses across Ireland every day. If you are looking for a cleaner energy supply, read below to see how LPG can help your business. 

Whether you are a chef, a dairy farmer or a hotel owner, LPG is an efficient energy solution to help reduce costs and improve productivity. Select your business sector below to see how LPG can help your business. Don’t worry if you can’t see your industry, that doesn’t mean LPG isn’t right for you!

  • LPG for industry
  • LPG for agriculture 
  • LPG for catering and hospitality 

LPG for Industry

LPG supports a wide range of industrial processes and services, notably where a high degree of precision and flexibility in process temperatures, as well as a strong flame, are required.

It is a versatile fuel that is ideally and widely used in many industrial applications and production processes.  These include space, process and water heating, metal processing, drying, food production, petrochemical production as well as powering industrial ovens and furnaces.

LPG provides an important benefit for industrial processes as it has a high calorific value. It is also valued in Industry for its highly controllable temperatures, homogeneous content, cleanliness (negligible NOx, SOx and particulate matter emissions) and easy availability.

Another prime example of LPG’s industrial benefits is visible in the manufacture of glass / products which is a complicated process due to the numerous chemical reactions which occur during the production. The use of a clean fuel like LPG enhances the quality of the product.

Civil engineering is another area in which LPG is widely used. Specific applications include the production and heating bitumen, repairing and laying roads, illuminating road signs and floodlighting. 

Forward-thinking manufacturers are seeking fuels that are both better for the planet and their bottom line. Clean-burning and low carbon, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a tried-and-tested alternative to oil-based systems for manufacturers. 

Switching to LPG is the perfect choice, as it’s one of the cleanest fuels available and could reduce your CO2 emissions by at least 20%. Renewable BioLPG delivers the same great benefits as LPG alongside sustainability credentials and greater carbon emission savings.

From powering machinery to fuelling maintenance and repairs, LPG is the ideal fuel solution for off-grid manufacturers.

LPG for Agriculture

In agriculture, there are a huge number of applications liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) can assist with. From providing reliable, consistent heat for growth and laying conditions to providing the ideal crop-drying temperatures, LPG is a clean, safe, and effective fuel source.

When used for poultry, LPG-powered heaters isolate harmful products as well as minimising water vapour and CO2 inside sheds. This helps keep litter dry, improve chick growth, and reduce the risk of common diseases such as Pododermititis.

LPG is also used on many dairy farms as a more cost effective and cleaner solution for generating hot water to adequate temperatures enabling dairy farmers to effectively clean milk lines and milk storage tanks, without chemicals. 

LPG also helps reduce costs and improve efficiency when drying crops. Not only does this lower maintenance costs, but it can help to cut crop wastage.

  • Instant hot water on demand for dairy farms 
  • Constant temperature control for brooders
  • Space heating for poultry sheds, greenhouses and nurseries
  • Grain drying 
  • Cost effective power generators
  • Forklift fuel 
  • Flame weeding and pest control without chemical
  • Handling and processing of meat and other food products
  • CO2 generation for plant growth enhancement.
  • As a diesel fuel substitute, in machinery, to reduce costs and emissions

LPG for Catering and Hospitality

Those in the catering and hospitality industry need an off-grid solution that they can rely on to ensure they have hot water, heating, and fuel for cooking. LPG burns with a visible blue flame that can be turned up or down, giving chefs complete control.

Not only that, but with LPG you get a consistent, reliable supply of energy. Higher efficiency commercial boilers ensure less fuel and lower maintenance costs. LPG is a flexible and versatile fuel. 

LPG can be used across a range of applications from commercial BBQs and patio heaters to street food vendors. Whatever sector of the hospitality industry you’re in, LPG and BioLPG is a viable solution. Renewable BioLPG is chemically identical to conventional LPG in use, performance and it works seamlessly with existing gas equipment and engines. Renewable BioLPG delivers the same great benefits as LPG alongside sustainability credentials and greater carbon emission savings.

  • Heating: LPG is an extremely efficient method of central heating which is vital to ensuring that guests enjoy their time. Heat from LPG is instantly available and can be used throughout the hotel to provide a reliable source of heating. LPG provides more versatility, affordability and comfort than any other heating choice. Patio heaters extend the outdoor living season by raising the outdoor air temperature as much as 30 degrees.
  • Hot water: LPG is used to supply constant hot water to your hotel, making sure your guests are kept happy with plenty of warm showers. Commercial LPG tankless water heaters are a remarkable option to meet the hot water demands of the hospitality industry. These systems link multiple interchangeable units, providing higher output and redundancy ensuring that hot water is always available.
  • Cooking: Perfectly cooked food is an essential ingredient for successful catering, and by using LPG, customers can benefit from meals created using a more easily controlled and cleaner-burning fuel. An LPG cook top provides better heat control and more even heat distribution than electric. Instant-on burners allow cooking to start right away and cool more quickly, which helps to prevent overcooking and accidents.
  • Laundry Systems can be energy-intensive. That highlights the need for hotel-owners to choose energy-efficient options for linen dryers and for heating water in washers that can provide significant savings. LPG clothes and linen dryers provide the same modern features as their electrical counterparts, while improving drying speed and energy efficiency. And using energy-efficient LPG water heating systems will ensure your washers don't put a larger strain on your operating budget.
  • Swimming Pools: LPG is ideal for heating water for swimming pools and spas - whether indoors or out and even in the colder winter months.
  • Electricity/Power: Combined heat and power (CHP) systems are a proven commercial technology that can reduce utility bills for hotels and resorts. These systems use LPG to create electricity that powers the building. Simultaneously, the heat from the engine is captured and used to create hot water, further reducing energy costs. Because of their year-round hot water requirements for laundry, pool heating, guestrooms, radiant heating, and more, hospitality developments are an ideal candidate to utilize this rapidly growing technology.
  • Air Conditioning: New LPG applications are emerging all the time and now LPG can be used as a very efficient alternative to electricity for new air conditioning units.

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